Pretty Penny Shoes

by Sara Brown Band

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'Pretty Penny Shoes' is the first full-length release from the Sara Brown Band.


released August 18, 2012

Recorded at College Road Recording, Spokane WA



all rights reserved


Sara Brown Band Washington

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Track Name: Women Like You
Women like you
Can’t get past a woman like me
My man is satisfied
I give him everything he needs

You step on in all dressed to win
Well I don’t think you will
I saw you making eyes at him
But honey, he ain’t lost his thrill
You don’t leave much to imagination
But you leave much to be desired
I’ve got his full attention
And if you’re selling, he ain’t no buyer

You don’t understand what I’ve got
There’s something that you should know
I know how to love my man
From deep down in my soul
You think you’ve got the spell
That’ll bring him to his knees
But when temperature rises
I can melt him with ease

Can’t you hear me talkin’
Don’t you mess around with my man
I’m gonna show you honey
Just how I’ll ruin your plan
Track Name: Pretty Penny Shoes
Spent my day working
For a little cash
But it’s my birthday baby
And I don’t see no bash
I took you out
I paid the bill
When we got home dear
I gave you quite a thrill
Now you remember
But you’re a little late
So what are you gonna do
‘cause it’s time to celebrate
Baby I’ve got silver
Honey I’ve got gold
But I’m waiting for you to flip
That little price tag over to ‘sold’

Oh honey, let me tell you what to do
Don’t want no dollar store bids
give me those pretty penny shoes

I feel like dancing
But you should know
I need those new dancing shoes
Before I tap a toe
And since it’s my day
To call the shots
I think you ought to listen
Before my temper gets hot
It ain’t so much
To ask of you
I know you love me baby
I know that you’ll come through
So take a little time
And a little dough
Bring me what I ask baby
And tie it with a bow

‘Cause I am a woman
That needs something special
And you are my man
That delivers the real goods
I’m gonna wait here
And I won’t go empty handed
Baby I know you understand
I hope you’ve got yourself a plan
Track Name: The One That Got Away
Say your going to walk away
Go on and walk away boy
Are you hoping to hear me beg
Its not going down that way boy
You think that I’m holding you back
Let me show you the door
I don’t want to hold you anymore

You look surprised to see that I’m doing just fine
Did you really think that I was going to change my mind
You think that I’m holding you back
Let me show you the door
I don’t want to hold you anymore

You ask if its still alright to call me
We can still friends, now you think you got me
If you call me Baby, here’s what you can say
Call me the one that got away

Your going to have to own all the mistakes you made
You just leave me alone, baby go on and fade
You think that I’m holding you back
Let me show you the door
I don’t want to hold you anymore
Track Name: Can't Stop The Bleeding
You held me so close
I felt your heart beating with mine
I did not know you had no love for me
I did not know you meant to leave me cryin’
And now these thousand cuts are mine
To cover and pretend I’m fine

But I can’t stop the bleeding
I can’t stop the bleeding
I can’t stop the bleeding
I can’t stop the bleeding

I see you once in a while
And I wonder if you see me too
Just when I think time has brought healing
I feel the hurt of a lover’s wounds
Because these thousand cuts are mine
But the pain might make me go blind

No matter what I do
No matter who I turn to
I can’t stop, can’t the bleeding
Track Name: Black Rainbow
Come on, come on
Can you give me the right thing
To turn my black rainbow to gold, now
Come on, come on
Can you give me just one thing
Bring on a storm of love so bold

I’ve been walking this street so long
Without a single day feeling so damn wrong
Feeling the weight of the thought that, well
I may never be able to break out of this spell
I sold my body but not my soul
I’ve done all I can just do gain control
There ain’t no high to reach above this ache
I’ve swallowed every bitter pill that I can take

Ain’t no clouds with a silver lining
Ain’t no sun even when it’s shining
The line I walk is a crooked road
And broad as hell under this heavy load
What can I do, I’ve got no plan
My cash is low as a cheating man
You won’t see me on the corner tonight
I can’t go on, and I can’t get it right
But are you the one
To give me what I’ve never had

Come on, come on
Can’t you feel it, babe I need it

Down in my soul
Can you see my black rainbow
Down in my soul
Can you feel my black rainbow
Track Name: Early Morning Blues
They’re gonna kick in my door
Chase me through this land
Because I took some matter
Into my own hands
My lover was a mean one
Unfaithful and cruel
He put his iron in too many fires
And he used his fist to rule
You know I carry my pistol
Inside of my boot
One thing he didn’t know about me
That I can aim, that I can shoot

I shot my lover when the sun rose this morning
Now I’m on the run because I didn’t give him warning
I shot my baby while he was sleeping
But you won’t see me weeping for that man

I got nowhere to hide
I got nowhere to go
Took a bus to Memphis
Trying to lay low
Every time I turn around
I see his face
Every stranger walking toward me
Makes my heart begin to race
You know I carry my pistol
Inside of my boot
And I’ve got one bullet for myself
But I don’t think I can shoot
Track Name: Bad Luck Boogie
Tax man’s a callin’, my creditors too
I guess there’s nothin’ left for me to do
‘cept the bad luck boogie
Oh yeah, the bad luck boogie
Do the bad luck boogie and we’ll
Do it all night long

Police at the back door, landlords in the front
I ain’t had enough to drink to pull some stunt
I’ll do the bad luck boogie
Yeah the bad luck boogie
Do the bad luck boogie baby
Do it all night long

Sitting in the jailhouse, waitin’ for a trial
Mama’s cryin’ for me, daddy just won’t smile
I did the bad luck boogie
I did the bad luck boogie
You do the bad luck boogie you’ll be
Sittin’ here with me

If you wanna boogie, you gotta do it right
You gotta keep it clean man, you gotta keep it tight
Don’t do that bad luck boogie
Don’t do the bad luck boogie
You do that bad luck boogie
Your luck won’t ever change
Track Name: Love I Sold
All that is gold will not glitter for me
The love that I sold cannot be retrieved
Please hear me speak, won’t you listen once more
My knees are weak as I knock on your door

I tore apart our home
I left you cryin’
Now all I can do is roam
I feel like dyin’

Remember when we had such happy dreams
But those rich men how they sparkle, they gleam
A favor or two turned into a storm
Your heart was true, keeping our children warm

I know that you don’t want me comin’ ‘round
Baby you’re blue, wishing I was hell-bound
I can’t go on like Judas with a smile
It’s been so long, I’ve missed you all the while
Track Name: 11:57
I’ve got time to play
Don’t have much to say
I just want to move
Want to watch you groove

It’s Eleven fifty-seven
Let’s keep on dancing

Ladies you can twirl
Now guys dip your girl
As for me tonight
I’m gonna keep it tight

You might have two left feet
That don’t matter if you’re sweet
Three minutes until midnight
There ain’t no end in sight
Track Name: Thank You
I want to thank you baby
For helping me when I was down
I want to thank you honey
You stood by me when no one was else around

When I was younger I was foolish and proud
I felt so strong, you heard me boasting out loud
But time has changed and I’ve sunk so low
You knew I’d get caught in the undertow

I traveled to the furthest land that I could
I looked for new highs down in Hollywood
I never thought that I’d come back here at all
But I knew you would be there when I call

You came knocking but I told you to leave
I trusted no one, I just couldn’t believe
But I came to my senses on my knees
I called you up and said, “Won’t you help me please”
Track Name: Stuck Behind The Train
I saw your ad in the paper, you were smiling at me
I love your charming demeanor, and the art of your dentistry
I bought out the newsstand, one hundred and forty-two
I hope I’ll have enough to cover my walls with you

Made all your special occasions, times to show you I care
Even when you told me not to come, you knew I’d always be there
We always had a connection, it just can’t be denied
It’s just games that you’re playing, from my love you can’t hide
Now I’m stuck behind the train and I don’t know what to do

Despite the restraining orders, I know you’re longing for me
You’re just afraid of commitment; I could end your misery
Followed you home from the office I knew what I had to do
You tried to run from me darling, but with my gun I kidnapped you
Now I’m stuck behind the train and I don’t know what to do

I won’t let silly things stand in our way, not any longer
I’m gonna change the future of our fate, our love’s stronger

Now you’re in the car with me and I feel so divine
I’ve been planning our wedding; and now you will always be mine
Police are following us now but they just don’t understand
The hearts that they will be breaking when they put cuffs around my hands
Now I’m stuck behind the train and I don’t know what to do